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Online training

Go from zero to hero with live training and live classes with zero knowledge required
From the most basic level as a beginner, you will be instructed from the absolute basics to the most advanced level of trading, with the support of mentors and a support team build for you.
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  • You are granted lifetime TBM membership with this course.
  • Weekly two Live sessions.
  • Recorded video access will be provided, and you can use access in TradexTBM website to login and attend the course.
  • TBM Community access
  • Community trading
  • Live calls
  • Aftermarket sessions
  • Live assistance
  • 24*7 Support by team members and much more.

Equity segments

  • Basic of stock market
  • How to open a broker account
  • Introduction to Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Price action trading
  • Analyzingmomentum-based entry and exit points
  • Tbm rules for trading Master classes in equity for all levels in trading

Options Trading

  • Basic of options trading
  • Option trading analysis
  • Options greek
  • Patter analysis
  • Tbmstatergies
  • Option selling
  • Risk reward analysis in option buying and selling
  • How to become a profitable trader in options trading

Forex Trading

  • What is the forex market?
  • The importance of Forex trading.
  • Major currencies pair
  • Advance level in forex trading
  • TBM strategies for forex trading
  • Major market sessions
  • Smart money concept Price action method